How Cooperative Parenting Has Helped Others

Read some of our wonderful testimonials below:

"This class helped me to look inward and focus on my own actions. 

It was also nice to meet some other parents experiencing the same challenges.”

"It helped me

with a better understanding that what we do really affects the kids and change all starts with ourselves.”

"Tina is great

She really sets an environment that is non-judgmental and expressive. She is full of knowledge in this area and therefore everything she said was super helpful for me and thus to my daughters.”

"I’m still a work in progress

but I feel like I can communicate better with my co-parent by changing my tone of voice and facial expressions.”

"Excellent class.

Have experienced a big improvement with co-parent in the weeks since class began.”

"Realizing that I can make important changes

in my behavior that will have very positive effects for my children’s long-term health and happiness.”

"To be a better listener.

Taking deep breathes and relax while communicating with my co-parent.”

"Be more open and understanding.

Not everything is all one-sided.  Accept what is within my control and what is not.”

"I am more willing to have a conversation with my co-parent

and be understanding than before with less anxiety.”

"I communicate better

saying please and thank you.”

"I give myself time to calm down

before I respond to situations that anger me.”

"This class has helped me more than I thought,

and I will very much use these tools with my co-parent.”

"I’ve learned to think before reacting

and recognize I cannot change my co-parent but I can change how I react.”

"Thank you.

I have already become a kinder and more cooperative co-parent because of this class.”